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Renal Duplex

Renal duplex is a non-invasive examination that assesses function of the renal arteries – the arteries that carry blood to the kidneys. The procedure uses ultrasound technology to create images of the arteries and blood movement inside. Renal duplex is commonly ordered when a patient is experiencing elevated blood pressure that could be due to narrowing of the renal arteries, a condition known as renal artery disease.


How does it Work?

Renal duplex combines two types of ultrasound technology that allow the technician to take images of both the structure of the renal arteries and the blood movement inside the vessels. The test uses sound waves to create the images and does not require injections or dyes. Organs can also be seen through a renal duplex examination, including the kidneys and bladder.

Patients are usually asked to fast the evening before the examination to ensure accurate imaging. During the procedure, patients may be asked to turn to the side or lie down depending on the specific images requested by the physician. A handheld device is run across the surface of the skin, which sends sound waves into the body to create images that appear on a screen. The only discomfort felt during the examination is a slight pressure from the device as it moves across the area.

Renal duplex typically takes around one hour to complete at Northwest Vascular & Vein, depending on the number of images requested by the physician. Patients are able to return to regular activities as soon as the examination is over. To learn more about renal duplex or other diagnostic examinations we offer, contact our team at Northwest Vascular & Vein.